Welcome to my Website!

Here you will find all of my printed music for Band and Orchestra, CD Recordings, information about Commissions and personal appearances, and contact information.

I have spent half of my life dreaming of being a professional composer, and the other half living the dream. Whether I am writing a piece for Beginning Band or for a Symphony Orchestra, I put the same amount of passion and experience into it and get the same amount of enjoyment out of it. I love ALL styles and genres of music, and this is reflected in the music I write. You will hear a wide range of influences in all of my music. You will find that my music is very emotional and rhythmically driven.

This is reflective of the environment that surrounds us, and how we function and interact within that environment. The human heart beats to a rhythm, the brain sends electronic impulses throughout the body - everything moving in perfect synchronization, like a beautifully performed piece of music. Melody and harmony are reflective of the human spirit - our emotional ups and downs, and our interactions with others. Good music captures both the physical and spiritual essence of our existence. I hope that the music you find here will move your spirit and take you to a peaceful place. Thanks so much for all of your support - JLH